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Mitch Service, Toronto


Haven't been doing photography for long, but when I picked up my first camera and went out shooting, it felt right. Ever since, I don't look at the world the same way. Every street I look down, every building, light, person, all look like a photograph. I am constantly learning new techniques for shooting and editing. I want to keep growing as a photographer and shooting out of my element, shooting with other photographers I respect, and learn together. I primarily shoot the streets of Toronto and take my inspiration from 13thwitness and lastsuspect. Vanstyles is probably my biggest inspiration for model shots.

Instagram: @416shooter

Paul Capra, Los Angeles



Instagram: @paulcapra


Woody Gooch, Tokyo & Sydney


At a young age, Woody demonstrates a creative, innovative and downright fresh style of photography. From the way he captures an early morning surf session, to his thought-provoking portraits. Woody displays a talent beyond his years. Yet, perhaps his most obvious and endearing quality is his endless enthusiasm. He is able to find something special in the places the others ignore. And the best part? He is only getting started. 

Instagram: @woodygphoto

Cody McGibbon, Miami & New York


I am twenty-four-years of age and a psychology major with an undying will to create. I have a fascination with people; what they are about, what their interests are, who they are. This is where my obsession with photography began. I started with taking simple images of people, places, and things; simple or complex, beautiful or distressed. I slowly began realizing my want to create a story within a single image. Expressing a sort of atmosphere and feeling through the image and and the subjects body language, facial expression, and setting.                                                                                                         

 I am a firm believer that anyone can take a simple picture, but I want that image to tell the viewer a story. I want my imagery to evoke feelings; genuine feelings of love, happiness, distraught, pain or whatever my image might convey. It's the feelings I get when viewing other art that keeps me yearning to achieve the same with mine. Whether it be a wedding, fashion, a child, or even a product; capturing the precise theme or feeling of said subject is my goal.

Instagram: @codymcgibbon

Chi Chen, Toronto

Photographer & Videographer

Chi is a creative director and visual artist living in Toronto. He has walked an untraditional path, majoring in business at Western University's Richard Ivey School of Business, before working as an investment banker on Wall Street, and later as a venture capitalist in San Francisco. Likewise, Chi is not afraid to stray from the traditional path to chase his creative passions; he came back to Toronto to stretch his creative mind, something he admits was screaming to escape when he was working 100+ hour weeks.

After living in cities like New York, San Francisco and even Taipei, Chi firmly believes that Toronto is one of the most energetic and culturally vibrant cities in the world. As a photographer that is fortunate enough to be a part of this renaissance period in Toronto, he admits that he's highly influenced and inspired by other creatives in the city, ranging from music and art to fashion. Chi draws a lot of his inspiration and influences from other visual bodies of work including movies like Only God Forgives, Post Tenebras Lux and even Japanese anime. This can be seen in his careful selection of tones and colours.

Today, Chi combines his creative passions with his business-minded background to work with brands and artists in Toronto. From taking photos to working on branding, content creation and videography, Chi says he's always interested in working with new brands and to collaborate with other creatives.

Instagram: @allyoucanchi

Sean Doolan, Miami


My name is Sean Doolan, I'm a 20 year old Florida based photographer and pizza connoisseur. Strongly influenced by Indie Culture, I tend to photograph the free spirited youth of the modern age in peculiar yet aesthetic locations. Although I reside in Gainesville, FL more often that not I find myself travelling all over the map. 

Instagram: @doolansdigest

Tyler Lord, TORONTO


Tyler Lord has been a photographer for 6 years with a large versatility in styles, editing and finding what the client wants.  Tyler has been featured in over a dozen magazines from youth culture to high fashion.  He has worked with large selections of brands, models, events and companies and always provides a quality gallery of photos fitting what the client has asked for.

Tylers background ranges from studio set up lighting all the way to classic flash lighting to create different feels, or vibes for the client. Tyler has a background in Photoshop and Lightroom and all edits will prove to be a high quality result for your brand, product or event.

Instagram: @tylerblackboxx

Erica Kiara, Toronto


Photographer Erica Dias Klarashpour is known for her vivid artistic talent in the photography industry. The Toronto based photographer is acknowledged by many for her original and imaginative flairs. Erica discovers inspiration for her work daily as she explores and immerses herself into Toronto's urban spaces. It goes without mentioning that her passion for modern editorial photography combined with her artistic ability makes for a seamless combination for remarkable work. 

Instagram: @ekmediastudio

Taylor Aikens, Toronto

Cinematographer & Videographer


Instagram: @tayloraikins

Corbin Portillo, Toronto

Graphic Design

My love for design started with drawing and painting as a kid, on anything I could get my hands on. In high school, I then got introduced into digital platforms such as Photoshop & Dreamweaver and started to translate my illustrated work onto a computer. I've attended George Brown College for the Graphic Design Program. I pride myself in strong and eye catching illustrative work, out-the-box logo design, and grade A identity branding. My abilities and experience are far ranging. Through continuously working with clients, I have learned all the necessary skills to see a given project from the first idea through conceptual development and design to final product.

Instagram: @blkoutln