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Have you ever wanted to paint a picture, but didn’t have paint?

Have you ever wanted to film a high quality video, but didn’t have the equipment at your disposal?

Have you ever felt the need to express your feelings, thoughts, or desires in a complex manner that wouldn’t be justified solely by words?

Art enables human beings to feel free. Ultimately, the feeling and vision that we seek has no boundaries or limits, and is always at the eye of the beholder.

For some, this is life’s equivalence to paradise, but wouldn’t it be great if that feeling, or vision, was simply one click away?

Welcome to Paradise, The Paradise Reef.

A photography agency and lifestyle brand indulged with life of the free spirited & the inner paradise within all. We thrive on being a fully integrated lifestyle brand agency who believe in modern photography, film, design and helping integrate styles that move the world forward. Paradise creates imagery for companies, brands, models and customers of all types that transfer them to a modern presence of fashion and good vibes within their niche.

Join a group of the world's brightest young minds, as they take you on a journey beyond imagination. A journey that builds unity, happiness, confidence, and presents imagery that generates waves of interest.

The Paradise Reef prides itself in seeing the opportunity and growing market for quality photography not only for personal customers, but also companies, brands, artists and models. We help companies and brands by creating imagery that take them to the next level, whilst offering the opportunity to amaze their customers and provide the image they want and deserve.

The great thing about all this is that The Paradise Reef still maintains their unique style and vibe, which is one of the various reasons why companies love working us. The customer sits back and relaxes knowing they will be updated with the full package prepared for approval and scheduling. All Paradise artists are fully capable of all project sizes, and completing each with high satisfaction and quality.

We work to location scout, set up studios, arrange hmua's, find the perfect models, style and of course arrange one of our amazing photographers or videographers to tackle the project. In the meantime, we host events to share our artistic experience and vision with the aim of continuing the good vibes and good times.

Make sure to keep updated with our latest work and news by following The Paradise Reef on Instagram and checking up our website for all upcoming events and projects! The Paradise Reef is your local agent, partner & brand. Keep c h i l l & love l i f e!





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